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MusicalMeme 15: Naughty Ladies

This was fuelled by the lack of Maleficent/EvilQueen on The Outsider.
Some DragonQueen then.
So you Guess the Musical or Song. It's an obvious one but still effective. (Smirk)
See if you can spot the 2 scenes of utter naughty sexual tension.

musical meme 15.1

If you don’t see it, I put in the DragonQueen words under the pics just in case.

So close your eyes


SwanQueen Memes

Humorous SwanQueen Memes

what No SwanQueen.

So close your eyes

Regina Mills/Evil Queen Memes

A few Humorous Regina Mills/Evil Queen Memes

Deal with it
yes I know2

So close your eyes

The Queen is back Bitches

I have returned to the world of fanart/fanfiction and the femslash that fuels them.

My name has changed a little in the outside world of Livejournal.com. I now go by ViaRProxy with the R added for personal and symbol reasons.

Followe me now on Twitter @ViaRProxy

With #SwanQueen as my new fandom I will dedicate most of my creations to it.

So close your eyes
Via R Proxy

My #MusicalMeme project

canvis 4

So this is how it works. I create a meme with the lyrics from a musical. The lyrics are taken out of context so it may be a happy song sung by a man but portrayed in a sad light with the ship of example #SwanQueen. Most of the time the lyrics will also not be that obvious to make it a little more interesting. (Smirk)

Enjoy it then. The aim of the game is to guess the Musical and song.

The answer will then be avalible at the MusicalMemes Answers.

So close your eyes

Keep Calm/Freak out OUAT is BACK

So OUAT is back tonight. Here are some fanart memes to get you in the mood before the show starts:

Some Keep Calms:

Keep Calm 5
Keep Calm 2
Keep Calm 3
Keep Calm 4
Keep Calm 7
Keep Calm 8

And some Freak Out because that's what will happen all over the SwanQueen and OUAT Nation:

fREAK OUT.jpg 3
fREAK OUT.jpg 2

So close your eyes